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Press Release (16/05/2011)

This is the Official press release for the recent takeover of FirstOrigin.

On the 15th May 2011 FirstOrigin was transfered over to the FuelledHosting Group which is run under FuelledHosting LTD.

This move has been planned since December 2010 but nothing had been made official until now. Any clients that operate under FirstOrigin or use FirstOrigin as their point of contact, please can you address any further communication to FuelledHosting LTD.

"We are confident that this move will help us improve the overall quality of our website design service," said Warren Doyle, Chief Executive Officer of FuelledHosting Design LTD.

The move to FuelledHosting also means we have brand new powerful servers, a dedicated support team and amazing staff at our side to make very amazing and vibrant websites.

Warren Doyle is still in charge of CEO but the company has officially changed our name to FuelledHosting Design LTD

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